Today, that is, Thursday, July 21st, 2022, the Search Engine, Google is honouring one of Hong Kong’s most beloved comedians, Lydia Tin Ha Sum, know about her Singapore show 

Lydia aka Lydia Shum Din-ha was born in Shanghai on July 21st, 1945. She had a glorious career, she began her acting debut in adolescence with Shaw Brothers Studio, which was a biggest production house of that time.

Google’s Doodle is celebrating the actress 77ty birthday who is affectionately known as “Fei Fei” which means Fat Fat in Cantonese.

She gained her breakthrough in 1967 after she was casted in a popular show “Enjoy Yourself Tonight”. Later, in 1973, she was seen in a film “The House of 72 Tenants”.

This film was based on the daily lives of tenants who live in run-down flats. This movie surpassed many other blockbusters and topped Hong Kong’s box office in 1973.

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