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Secret Headquarters Movie Reviews: Another best Sci-Fi and Superhero Movie


Secret Headquarters Movie 2022:

We don’t know if Mobius has gotten to ride a jet ski yet but at least now we know somewhere out in the multiverse he is a superhero and welcomes superhero fans, Now in this article, we will discuss the Secret Headquarters 2022 Movie, so stay tuned.

Secret Headquarters Movie is now streaming on Paramount Plus the summer’s latest superhero film where we followed Charlie and his friends who while hanging out after school discovers the headquarters of the world’s most powerful superhero hidden beneath his home but when villains attack they must team up to defend the headquarters and save the world.

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Secret Headquarters Story:

Well, Secret Headquarters is a charming superhero family comedy movie and it is exactly for you where the kid dynamic is placed at the forefront kind of bringing all this wish fulfillment to life and placing them in these comedic situations while they’re exploring and discovering the secret headquarters and all the technologically advanced and high-end McGuffins that they can find it creates from some nice dynamic between the kids some funny moments and some nice visual gags as well it kind of reminds of the earlier seasons of stranger things in that sense where the kid’s charm and their chemistry.

Secret Headquarters Movie Reviews

Secret Headquarters Star Cast:

  1. Walker Scobell as Charlie Kincaid
  2. Owen Wilson as Jack Kincaid/The Guard, a superhero.
  3. Keith L. Williams as Berger
  4. Momona Tamada as Maya
  5. Michael Peña as Ansel Argon
  6. Jesse Williams as Sean Irons
  7. Charles Melton as Hawaii
  8. Abby James Witherspoon as Lizzie
  9. Kezii Curtis as Big Mac
  10. Jessie Mueller as Lily Kincaid
  11. Lucius Baston as Jerry the Janitor
  12. DK Metcalf as Coach Hammer
  13. Dustin Ingram as Jersey
  14. Levy Tran as Virginia
  15. Michael Anthony as Wisconsin
  16. Lav Luv as Umpire
  17. Dayna Beilenson as Ms. Squint
Walker Scobell
Walker Scobell

Here everyone loves seeing Owen Wilson as a superhero as a dad who’s trying to balance this family life and work-life situation but his work is being a superhero and he’s in this position where he doesn’t want to tell his son yet and that has caused the rift in his marriage and all that but when he is on screen.

Michael Pena who plays the sleazy jealous villain who wants all the power to himself in this very selfish and been there done that kind of way these two are just spectacular where they’re not the ideal superhero they’re not at the right age they don’t necessarily have all the abs and all the strength and so a lot of times the film uses that to the great comedic effect like them getting tired in the middle of the fight them discovering powers as they put on this suit and fight.

There’s a lot of fun to have with those situations fans enjoyed Owen Wilson and Walker Scobel’s chemistry, now this kid has recently stolen the show in the atom project playing opposite Ryan Reynolds and he keeps killing it. The kids are all charming and work really well with one another when Owen Wilson and Michael Pena are on screen separately or together that’s when this film shines for fans.

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Secret Headquarters 2022 Movie Review:

That’s one of my biggest issues with this film is that it feels budgetarily trapped the bulk of this film is set inside the secret headquarters as these kids first discover it and eventually start being invaded so it kind of works as a home invasion film with Michael Pena and Jesse Williams coming in and that’s really it sadly until we get to the third act where the location changes for once but the film can’t quite capture the magic of a single location film particularly because it’s not the right tone for it you cannot mine that much tension from this single location the film has some fun with the secret headquarters technology and all the comedic hijinks that ensue.

But it just doesn’t really grab your attention after a while furthermore you know who is not in this film for the bulk of it unlike the secret headquarters Owen Wilson himself he shows up here and there in the first act to get the film going and then he disappears until late into the second act and you’re just spending time with these kids in these situations that after a bit feels very repetitive feel very predictable and this is a kids movie.

It’s clearly aiming for the kids so maybe they won’t find it predictable but just wish it could have struck the right balance of being a kids movie and a family movie as well.

And when we said the film feels trapped We don’t just mean budget wise we mean creatively where this story would have very much benefited from being a series where the concepts are very surface level they’re not explored enough and so they can be repainted and redressed and the film would have played out the same would have gotten to the same conclusion and that’s a bummer because there’s enough creativity here with the primal concepts and the cast of characters that we have that could have been much better.

Secret Headquarters is the goonies with a sci-fi twist led by a charismatic charm some charming moments and a touching family dynamic but its creative and budget restraints make it monotonous repetitive and rushed where this story would have been better served as a series.

Secret Headquarters Trailer:

Secret Headquarters Movie Release Date

Friday, 12 August 2022.

Secret Headquarters Movie Star Cast

1. Walker Scobell as Charlie Kincaid
2. Owen Wilson as Jack Kincaid/The Guard, a superhero.
3. Keith L. Williams as Berger
4. Momona Tamada as Maya
5. Michael Peña as Ansel Argon

Secret Headquarters Director Name

Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman

Secret Headquarters Streaming Platform

Paramount Plus

Secret Headquarters age rating

9 Year+

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