Kantara Movie Review: Story, Cast, Budget, Explained

The movie ‘Kantara’ directed by Rishabh Shetty has become a super hit beyond expectations. Although it has been a week since its release, this movie is showing a house full in many places.

This has given great mileage to Rishab Shetty’s career. This movie, which blew dust at the box office, has created talk all over the country. Hindi audiences are also showing interest in ‘Kantara’.

Because of that, the film team has decided to release the trailer (Kantara movie Hindi trailer) in Hindi as well. Rishabh Shetty himself has shared information about this.

Kantara Movie Cast:

Here the details of the Kantara Movie Cast:

1)Sapthami Gowda

2)Rishab Shetty


4)Deepak Rai Paanaaje

5)Pramod Shetty

6)Achyuth Kumar


8)Naveen D Padil

9)Prakash Thuminad

10)Vinay Biddappa

Kantara movie production and budget:

The budget of the Kantara movie was  16 crores this film was made on a very low budget but the story of the Kantara movie was unique so the movie is a hit and collected 50 crores worldwide. And when it comes to producers Vijay Kirgandur.

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Kantara Movie Explained:

There is a village a forest and there is a landlord for that village and for a lot of years this family helps the villagers and helps in their family like a village head.

Hero helps the landlord with some work and Shiva goes to the forest with their friends the forest officer will come and he misunderstands that Shiva was a smuggler.

At this time forest officers think to create boundaries for the village but Shiva doesn’t like this idea Shiva’s sister works as a police work and she helps the police to calculate the boundaries of the forest.

But this time for some reason Shiva goes to jail. After going to jail Shiva got a message that his best friend who is devoted to God was murdered because of some unknown reason and Shiva felt very sad.

So Kantara movie runs with key points that are

1) who killed Shiva’s best friend.

2) village heads are on which side?

3) Is Shiva saved his village?

4) who wants to occupy the land

these are the 4 key points that the Kantara movie runs.

Kantara movie is a janapada story this story started in the 18th century and ended in the 1970s this Kantara means forest.

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In starting scenes there was a king in the olden days and he has a lot of money and worth but he suffer because he doesn’t have any peace in his life this king wants to find peace in his life so he wants to world tour to look and pray for gods after completing the tour he wants to return and he reached a forest and he listens to some voice and he followed that voice and reached the village in that forest.

In this village, these villagers have left their life on depending on the forest. And the king entered the village and he finds a statue of a god and he reached about that God status and he find that in that statue there is a “dami god” and the king god an idea to take the god to his palace.

And the king believe that by doing this he will get peace and happiness in his life after this idea king went to deme god and he told his idea to God to take him to his palace.

Then deme god accepted his request and God asked him to give land to the villagers as a return gift and the king will accept God also said that in the feature if the king’s family want to take back the place then all his family will die so the king also accepted this.

In this forest the villagers were will leave by killing and eating animals and collect broken branches of trees in this way so many years was completed and there is a boy who was born in this village and his name is “Shiva” and he leaves with his father and his fathers explain the story of deme god and how there get that forest land has a gift. And all villagers do a celebration to remember the deme god and this festival is called boothagola festival.

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In this festival, the person who acts as the deme god will come into that person on the day the festival came and Shiva’s father dresses up like a deme god and the deme god come into shiva’s father’s body.

In this time the landlord want to take this land back and he asked deme god to give his land back and he insulted deme god so dame god got anger and run into the forest with the body of Shiva father and Shiva also run with his father after some time dame god and his father was disappeared and the landlord of died in this next day morning.

After some days Shiva became big and he don’t do any work he enjoyed his life with his friend and he follows Devendra.

Shiva and another follower of Devendra are big enemies their ways fight each other and after some days there is a buffalo race in the village Shiva wins this race and on another side, dharma is forcing the judges to give price money to the landlord team.

And this information was reached to the landlord after this landlord came back and scold the dharma and given price money to Shiva after this the government decides to send a truth full police offer to take care of forest.

After his entry he finds out some Kantara village people who were cutting trees and this policeman arrests them after some days landlord help them to come out and landlord explains how important of forest to the villagers.

After some days the police officer also understands the importance of the forest to the village people so he becomes quiet.

After some days the police officer take permission to fence the village but the villagers don’t like this in the other side landlord also try to collaborate with the police to occupy the place but the police offer rejected this offer.

After this incident, there is a girl Lila who came from a city after taking training as a forest guard Lila and Shiva are lovers and Lila’s father came to Shiva request him to ask a job for Lila and Shiva asked the help of a landlord after this landlord used his influence Lila got a job as a forest guard in that region only and she joined in the team of fencing around the village.

The police officer thinks that she will help to explain the details to that forest village after some days Lila comeback to see Shiva.

Shiva was so much anger at Lila because she was helping to police who were want to fence around the village and he beat then Lila on her cheeks.

After some days time will pass and one day landlord takes go Shiva to the forest to meet his ex-girlfriend.

And landlord went into the house and Shiva wait outside of the house Shiva listened the same sound from the forest so he followed the sound and all of a sudden the god will appear to Shiva and immediately Shiva will be scared and ran away by shouting and immediately landlord also ran away.

And the police officer looking for a chance to catch Shiva red-handedly while cutting plants. After some days Shiva went to the forest to cut plants and on another side landlord follower, dharma went to the police station to tell the information that Shiva cutting plants immediately police officer come to the location and see that there is off cut tree and Shiva was hidden in the bushes near to the place and police officer want back and given orders to catch the Shiva and some police officers are going to Shiva house.

But after some days Shiva went to his girlfriend house Lela and do some romance after this forest officer find the Shiva location and started firing but by mistake that gunshot will come back and hit on the eye of the police officer.

By this Shiva was sent to jail by this Lela and Shiva’s mother want to take come Shiva back in this there requested the landlord to release Shiva but the landlord ignore this after the next day the friend of Shiva guruvaiappa who plays and wears getup of Demme god in the festival so got a dream that deme god wants to taken come him from jail and guruvaiappa said to landlord and villagers after this one day landlord went to guruvaiappa and taken him to somewhere on his car after that landlord asked the guruvaiappa to say that give back the land to the landlord as a deme god in the festival so guruvaiappa rejected this so landlord got anger and killed the guruvaiappa.

After this police officer now that landlord was signed the document of land from the village’s other side Lela and Shiva’s mother tell Shiva that his friend guruvaiappa was murdered so of this news Shiva feels very sad and gets so much anger.

After this incident, Shiva came out of jail and went to the landlord want to kill the police officer through Shiva to hide his secret also landlord said that guruvaiappa was killed by a police officer after listening to this Shiva got so much of anger and went to the police station in that way if find a person near a mountain that person said that he saw guruvaiappa was going on a car with the landlord before dying so Shiva understand that landlord is not good in another side police officer went to Village and un revealed the truth of landlord in this time landlord come with there people to burn the village in this time Shiva came to village start fighting with landlord follower Mohan by this Mohan beat the Shiva and threw him into a rock the rock will damage his leg on that rock there is a symbol of deme god.

Deme god enter Shiva’s body and started using power to kill the landlord’s people and also quoted the head of the landlord. After this every year Shiva plays the role of a demi god on another year’s festival deme god entered Shiva’s body and takes him to some place where he finds another deme god who is nothing but shiva’s father who was lost in his childhood. So the movie ends.


The story of Kantara movie which is explained is only a base but if you want to thrill and suspense you must watch the movie. So watch the Kantara movie first you will definitely like the movie.

Kantara Movie Trailer:

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