Black Adam Review 2022, Story, Star Cast and Release Date

Black Adam Review 2022:

Black Adam, the latest film from the DC Extended Universe, hits theaters on Thursday. It will release as one of the most talked about films of this franchise. It is said to be a project that will decide DC’s future in films. Overall this film was made in a budget of 200 million dollars (about 1,620 crore rupees in our country’s currency).

From the trailer and teaser, it seems that it has been made as the most violent superhero film. And has this movie breathed new life into DC? Has Black Adam fulfilled fans’ desire to be a hit?


Movie Review:Black Adam (English)
Starring:Dwayne Johnson, op Sarah Shahi, Pierce Brosnan and others.
Cinematography:Lawrence Shiro
Music:Lorne Balfi
Producer:DC Films
Films:TV Shows Directed by Jaime Colette-Serra
Release date:October 20, 2022

Black Adam Story:

Five thousand years ago, the city of Kandak was the most advanced civilization on Earth. But the new king, Anh Kot (Marwan Kenjari), enslaves the people and mines them for the metal Eteranium.

He wishes that if he wears a crown made of that metal, he will gain power and rule the world. But some people oppose it.

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The king brutally killed them. But one of them, Teth Adam (Dwayne Johnson), gains Shazam’s Power. The king dies in a battle between himself and the king. The fort will be destroyed.

After five thousand years some will start looking for that crown again. Also Teth Adam will return. What happened after that? How did Teth Adam become Black Adam? Who is the Justice Society? You have to watch the movie to know such things!

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Black Adam Release date:

Black Adam Release date is 20 October 2022.

Black Adam Star Cast List:

  1. Dwayne Johnson
  2. Aldis Hodge
  3. Noah Centineo
  4. Sarah Shahi
  5. Marwan Kenzari
  6. Quintessa Swindell
  7. Bodhi Sabongui
  8. Pierce Brosnan
black adam cast

Analysis and Review of Black Adam:

Superhero movies based on comic books like Marvel and DC don’t need to think much about the story. Because the stories and characters are already superhit in it. The result depends on how effectively we show them.

Jaime Colette-Serra was successful in this regard. Action and music made the film stand out. In the beginning the scenery in the background of the city of Kandak reminds us of KGF.

The entire film moves very fast with a ritual script. There is not a single unnecessary scene. The action sequences keep on coming one after the other, especially when Black Adam returns.

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There is an excellent background music with eye-catching action sequences. Apart from this, the comedy in Black Adam is also very good. The one-liner punches written by him were a blast.

But the catch is with Black Adam… It’s from the first scene ‘I was born to save people. Na Paane Adi’ is not a typical superhero film. It is not my job to save people. This is the job of the heroes.

Black Adam has an agenda. He doesn’t care that people die when he fights villains. Fans of the regular template superhero movies might not like this new effort. But for action sequences and music, you can definitely watch this film once.

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The film also has a surprise element. If you wait till the post credits scene instead of coming out after the movie is over, you will know.

After the director and the protagonist, Lorne Balfi, who composed the music for this film, is remembered.

The background music given by him will not be forgotten even after the film is over. Editing by John Lee and Michael Sell is very crisp. There are no unnecessary scenes in the film. The visual effects are stunning.

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And when it comes to actors… ‘I was born to play Black Adam.’ After accepting this film, Dwayne Johnson has posted on his social media. That said, he lived in that role. The roughness, carefree attitude and depth of Black Adam’s character are perfectly presented on screen.

In a way, this is a one-man show by Dwayne Johnson. Pierce Brosnan as seen in Doctor Fate is impressive. The character resembles the Marvel character Doctor Strange. But when it comes to comics, Doctor Fate was first introduced. All the other actors are impressive.

Black Adam Trailer:


Overall Action movie buffs will definitely love Black Adam. But it remains to be seen whether regular format superhero movies will like this anti-hero, So I hope you will get the full information about Black Adam Review 2022, Black Adam Release date, Black Adam Star Cast List and many more things.

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Black Adam Rotten Tomatoes Review ?

Black Adam Reviews by Rotten Tomatoes:

What is a total budget of Black Adam Movie?

Black Adam Movie Total Budget is around $195–200 million.

Black adam box office collection of total worldwide?

According to collider the total box office collection of black adam movie is $366.1 million worldwide. Which includes Domestically $156 Million and Overseas $209 Million.

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