Dobaaraa Movie Review: When it will be released on the OTT Platform

Dobaaraa Movie Review:

We know Netflix is the best platform to watch new upcoming web series and TV Series, In this article, we will talk about the new upcoming movie of Taapsee Pannu “Dobaaraa Movie”. Taapsee is one of the best actresses and she is doing multiple films in multiple languages. If you want to know more about this movie then stay connected with us.

Film director Anurag Kashyap has put a different kind of cinema in front of the audience. Some films have been made in South India on Time Traveling, but no such film has come in Hindi cinema at the moment.

This Anurag Kashyap film is a time-traveling drama full of a thriller. The special thing is that this too is a remake film. But Anurag Kashyap did not remake any South film, but Taapsee Pannu’s Dobaaraa is a Hindi remake of the 2018 Spanish film Miraj. Apart from Taapsee, Pavel Gulati and Rahul Bhatt are seen playing lead roles in the film.

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Dobaaraa Movie OTT Release Date:

As I want to tell you that The Movie Dobaaraa was released in the theater on 23 June 2022. Now this movie will be also released on the OTT Platform Netflix on 15th October 2022 Saturday.

Dobaaraa Movie Cast:

  1. Taapsee Pannu as Antara Awasthi
  2. Pavail Gulati as Inspector Anay Anand
  3. Nassar as Dr. Sethupathi
  4. Rahul Bhat as Vikas Awasthi
  5. Himanshi Choudhry as Sheela
  6. Saswata Chatterjee as Raja Ghosh
  7. Sukant Goel as Abhishek
  8. Medini Kelamane as Rujuta
  9. Nidhi Singh as Bhavna
  10. Myra Rajpal as Avanti
  11. Arrian Sawant as Anay
  12. Shaurya Duggal as Young Abhishek
  13. Vidushi Mehta as Shikha Vats

Dobaaraa Movie Story:

The Story starts in 1996 Where a storm named geo storm comes, which is so powerful that along with the frequency of the TV, it can flow in human blood. After this, the story moves forward where we see an ambulance crush a small child due to which he dies.

Now after this the story moves forward 25 years and a nurse shifts to her new home and she first sees an old TV there. An old camera is also installed on this TV, when the TV is turned on, the same child is seen who died 25 years ago.

Now after this the 25-year-old geo storm comes again, after which both the child and the nurse can talk with each other with the help of TV, along with it it is further revealed that a murder happened 25 years ago. whose murderer had not yet been caught, Now further it has to be known how the child and the nurse were able to talk among themselves, after that who was murdered 25 years ago, and what was the relation of all these things with that nurse (Taapsee).

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To know the answers to all these questions, you will have to watch the film once again, which is full of suspense and thrill.

The story of Dobaaraa is very unique. In this film, the past and the future have been served with great harmony. The story of the film is divided into two decades, the decade of 1996 and 2022. In 1996, Anay, a 12-year-old boy, watches his neighbor murder his wife on a stormy night. Seeing this scene, Anay panics and runs away when the fire brigade vehicle crushes him, killing him on the spot. The story of the film takes a leap of 20 years, with which the story takes an exciting twist.

Antara (Taapsee Pannu), a nurse, shifts to Pune with her child and husband. Antara and her family shift to the same house where Anay lived. Antara talks to Many through the old TV set kept in the house. Antara peeks into the past here through that TV set and tries to save Anay from a road accident. The film depicts the past and the present connecting with each other. Antara, with her understanding, the things that change in the past, all those things change in the present too.

Dobaaraa Movie Review:

This movie is full of suspense and thriller and directed by Anurag Kashyap, whose story is very unique and full of adventure, the story, and concept of this film are very different from other films, which you will surely like.

Dobaaraa Movie Trailer:

Who is the director of the Dobaaraa Movie?

Dobaaraa Movie Director is Anurag Kashyap.

Dobaaraa Movie OTT Release Date?

Now this movie will be also released on the OTT Platform Netflix on 15th October 2022 Saturday.

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